Created by a skilled team of artisan bakers, every loaf is hand made and baked using the age old methods of sourdough bread production with the added benefit of long fermentation to enhance the flavour profile of each loaf. Our stone floor oven ensures each loaf is baked with a golden caramelised crust and every loaf is baked with a clean label – no additives or preservatives, ever.

Our breads hit the ovens from 5am onwards and we can say with absolute confidence that you will go far and wide to find bread to match it in freshness and flavour.

The freshest bread with no preservatives - every day at Farmers Bakehouse.

Farmer's Bakehouse Menu Bread
Farmer's Bakehouse Menu Cakes


Each of our cakes is handcrafted by one of our passionate pastry chefs.

No matter the special occasion, we can create a cake that will dazzle your guests and make your tastebuds dance.

Our wide range includes rich mud cakes and fresh airy sponge mixed with creative flavours, decorations and additions.

Choose from our shop display range daily or have a bespoke cake created that will be as memorable as the occasion you have in mind.


From delicate pastries to seasonal rich treats, our sweets menu is where our pastry team truly express their creative nature.

You will find traditional bakery items like lamingtons, apple turnovers, chocolate eclairs and custard tarts done exceptionally well.

And indulge in our unique creations that are constantly evolving – just like our bakery.

Farmer's Bakehouse Menu Sweets
Farmer's Bakehouse Innovation Pies


In 2017 we set out to create a pie that would set us apart from other bakeries. After 8 months of countless trial batches we developed a recipe that is now setting a new standard in bakery shop pies. There is no substitute for quality ingredients and our pies are a testimony to this. Quality cuts of beef, chicken and lamb, slow cooking to marinate the flavours and pastry baked to a golden finish combine to create the distinctive flavours of our Farmers Bakehouse pies.

We serve 11 signature flavours daily, each crafted with care. During Winter you can experience something different, with an ‘Innovation Pie’ launching fortnightly featuring bold new flavours.

Breakfast and Lunch

Every meal should be an experience and we pride ourselves on our delicious range of food, freshly made in store. We have seasonal specials and are constantly coming up with new ideas, but there’s always plenty of every day variety in our stores.

Grab a sandwich, wrap or salad on the way to work, enjoy delicious hot breakfast and lunch options for dine in or takeaway.

Whatever you are craving, you will find it here.

Farmer's Bakehouse Breakfast Lunch
Farmer's Bakehouse Menu Coffee


We take coffee seriously.

Our coffee is roasted by our good friends at Little Italy Roasters. We chose to use a medium roast blend that is smooth but full bodied with chocolate & caramel tones. This blend cuts through the milk to offer full bodied flavours. We also offer a single origin bean which is best suited to those who drink short and long blacks.

We extract at a 2:1 ratio to give our coffee a strong but smooth flavour. Our 8oz (small) & 12oz (regular) coffee is standard with a double shot and 16oz (large) with a triple shot.

Specialty Drinks

We love to support locals and regional families and this is reflected in our drink selection.

We proudly stock Rices Softdrinks from Bourke – a family business started in 1907.

We carry Mumble Peg Juices from Narromine and love their story that is similar to ours – a family business with 4 generations and counting.

And we’ve launched a special Farmer’s Bakehouse branded water in partnership with Big Springs Water, another family owned and operated business.

Farmer's Bakehouse Specialty Drinks